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Efficiently manage your sales pipeline from lead to close with our easy-to-use quote tool. EZDealerQuote is a web-based business solution that was designed and developed for manufacturers and dealers. Our responsive platform can be accessed on any device including your smartphone or tablet. Configure markups and margins, taxes, labor rates, assembly times, and a whole lot more to ensure the most accurate quote for you and your clients.

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Lighten your work-load, know your worth and drastically reduce your administrative overhead! Build your company's profile from top to bottom, and work smarter. All you have to do is set it up!

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Building, saving and sharing accurate price quotes is a breeze. It takes just a few clicks and almost no time at all to give your customers a buying experience that they won't soon forget.

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Revenue, that is. The bottom line is this: EZDealerQuote saves time, saves frustration and saves customers from shopping someplace else. EZDealerQuote gives you the tools you need to increase sales and profitability!

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